Aurora LED Sensory Projector

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Aurora Multi Sensory Projector

The Aurora LED Sensory Projector was designed by Experia to project a vast range images with the range of effects wheels which can also be customised. Create limitless projections and themes with the Aurora LED Sensory projector The Aurora Projector is Ideal for spaces which require silent projection including small sensory rooms, bedrooms, lounges and bathrooms. Bright and robust LED technology is low maintenance and with no lamp to change it is safe. The LED technology utilised by our Aurora Multi Sensory Projector also provides crystal clear images for projections. Compatible with all standard accessories including wheel rotators, effect wheels and effect cassettes. The wheel rotator and effect wheels which are required for operation are available separately or as part of a bundle. You can view our range of effects wheels HERE. Operates on mains voltage transformed to safer low voltage.