Newtonia - The Challenging Soft Play Room

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The incorporation of interactive soft play in this room transforms it into a world of sensory adventure. From the movement of the wobble board and see-saw, to the interactive slide that makes a sound as you use it to enter the colour-changing ball pool; the rewards for interaction mean that users will be more likely to engage with the environment, thereby continuing to practice their gross motor skills and so help to develop their vestibular and proprioceptive senses. Play can have a profound effect on users’ development, and can positively change how a user’s brain reacts to touch, sound, sight and movement. For users with Dyspraxia and Sensory Processing Disorder, combining physical with intellectual challenges can have a profound effect on how they're able to interact with and make sense of the world around them, dramatically improving their lives. As well as improving physical skills through the variety of soft play equipment, Newtonia also features an interactive piano and an IRiS balance beam, which change the colour of the light from the IRiS Light Spreaders when users step on the different colours, in order to develop balance, coordination, colour recognition, and cause and effect skills. Have a look around this room by dragging your mouse across the image below (Google Chrome recommended), or click here on your mobile to view in VR (VR Goggles required) Newtonia includes: 2x Soft Towers IRiS Balance Beam 2x Light Spreaders Interactive Ball Pool & Balls Interactive Keyboard Seesaw Wobble Board Stepping Stones Soft Slide with Interactive PIR for activating a variety of sounds Soft Tunnel with internal Fibre-optic Carpet ceiling Wall Padding (to fit your room) Floor Padding (to fit your room) Soft Kurb (dependant on room size/shape) Shoe Sorter Bluetooth Amplifier (with gesture control) Wall Mounted Speakers Instruction Manuals All Experia Soft Play is made to order in your choice of colours. Please see the colour swatch in the additional images.