Respiro - The Sensory Room in the Community

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Great for improving accessibility at sports and entertainment stadiums, shopping centres, airports, supermarkets or indeed any other venue that can get busy and overwhelming for people with hidden disabilities such as autism or dementia, this compact, low-maintenance package provides a safe haven to help users to de-escalate meaning more people can come to, and stay at, your venue. For those with sensory difficulties, large crowds and noise at many public venues can become overwhelming. By providing adequate facilities to help them relax, you will be catering to those families that would previously have struggled to visit your venue, or avoided attending altogether - They will now be much more likely to visit, and stay for longer. The products in this room package have been specially selected to help promote feelings of calm, as well as being simple to use - it's as easy as flicking a switch to turn them on and your room will spring into life. For those with sensory difficulties, persistent background noises such as the incessant whir of a motor can prevent them from relaxing, and so all of Experia's sensory equipment has been carefully designed and manufactured so as to be completely silent, other than the soothing sound of the bubbles in the Bubble Tube. And because everything is specifically created for users with special needs, it's all incredibly robust and hardwearing, meaning minimal maintenance on your part. Respiro can also be tailored to match your corporate branding or club colours. Have a look around this room by dragging your mouse across the image below (Google Chrome recommended), or click here on your mobile to view in VR (VR Goggles required) Respiro includes: 1.5m Calming Bubble Tube Teardrop shaped Bubble Tube Soft Plinth 2x Acrylic Mirrors 1.414m x 1.2m + 0.65m x 1.2m 200mm Mirror Ball & Motor + Calming LED RGB Pinspot Aurora LED Projector Bundle Calming Fibre-optic carpet 2m x 1m Bluetooth Amplifier with Gesture Control Wall-mounted Speakers Bubble Tube Additive (BCB) Bubble Tube Emptying Kit with Footpump Instruction Manuals