Sensory Cart - Calming

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Packed full of equipment, the Sensory Cart has been designed to promote relaxation. Designed specifically for those with Alzheimer's and other forms of Dementia, it can also be used by children and other adults alike. With its unique design and inbuilt DVD player and screen, the Calming Sensory Cart is bound to be a favourite in care homes, nursing homes, hospitals, hospices and at home, where it can be used for reminiscence, de-escalation and calming.The Sensory Cart allows the sensory experience to be brought to the user, as opposed to bringing the user to the equipment. This is especially helpful when someone is bed bound or where space is limited.  Perfect for use in a bedroom or common room, the Sensory Cart features: Calming LED Bubble Tube: both visually attractive and very relaxing. Calming Fibre Optic Sideglow: perfect for those with a visual impairment; holding the fibres close to the eye provides both a tactile sensation in the hand and stimulating lights to calm and soothe. TV screen: ideal for reminiscence and distraction. DVD Player: allow the user to play a film of their choice. Aurora LED Projector with liquid wheel: shine on the wall, ceiling or floor to create a distracting and calming effect. Integral Bluetooth amplifier and speakers with gesture control: making it even easier to play relaxing music of your choice. Twin wheeled castors: enable the unit to be moved easily from one room to another, meaning you can quickly get the equipment to where it is needed. High quality, strong and durable plywood construction: overlaid with hard-wearing, durable melamine film with a smooth, semi-gloss surface, the unit is maintenance-free, hygienic and easy to clean.3-year warranty