Sulis - The Sensory Bathroom

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Bath time is a great opportunity to provide rest and relaxation, helping muscles to relax and reducing pain. When combined with the colour changing lights and effects of this bathroom package, the effect is dramatically enhanced. Alternatively, for those who find bath time extremely stressful, the distraction of the interactive colour changes can be invaluable in reducing tension and anxiety. Perfect for Care Homes, Nursing Homes, Hospitals and Hospices, Sulis provides a cost-effective sensory bathroom package suitable for the full spectrum of abilities. The IRiS Ripple Light can be controlled from the bathtub using the waterproof IRiS floating switch. With its large ergonomic pushbutton, users can scroll through the range of 8 different coloured rippling effects. Great for distraction therapy and calming so that muscles relax and pain is reduced, it can also be used to develop gross motor skills, cause and effect understanding, and colour recognition. Have a look around this room by dragging your mouse across the image below (Google Chrome recommended), or click here on your mobile to view in VR (VR Goggles required) Sulis includes: IRiS Shape Projector Floating Switch Transformer Instruction Manuals This package includes the multisensory equipment but excludes installation..