Superactive LED Fibre Optic Wall Cascade

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The Superactive LED Fibre Optic Wall Cascade creates stunning visual effects. Create an interactive stimulating sensory environment with the Superactive LED Wall Cascade

Mount over a doorway or on a wall for a fabulous addition to any sensory room. This product comes with a pivotal bracket that will enable the user to move the cascade out from the wall. The Superactive Cascade is interactive and Fibre Optic Colours can be changed by pressing one of the 8 corresponding coloured buttons on the Superactive Wireless Qi Charging enabled contoller.

The box houses the lightsource and the fibre optic strands cascade (2.5m x 150 strands) from the base of the box. Operates on mains voltage transformed to low voltage. Dimensions are 700mm W x 170mm D x 250mm H

Please note that this product should be professionally fitted to ensure a safe installation