Zen - The Premium De-escalation Room

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The next step up from our standard de-escalation package, this has the added benefits of slowly colour changing lighting and a choice of music, perfect for calming and relaxation. The robust, durable and long lasting Calming Bubble Wall, with its slowly colour-changing lights and mesmerising bubbles, is completely silent other than the soothing sound of the bubbles: perfect to induce a calm, relaxed state of mind. The Bluetooth Recessed Ceiling Speakers allow you to play your own choice of music or soothing sounds, specific to what helps relax each specific user. Combined with the Calming LED ceiling spot lights, to further develop the relaxing atmosphere, this safe room package is a perfect for users who need that added sensory distraction to help them to de-escalate and self-regulate in a safe environment until they are ready to face the world again. The wall padding measures 72mm deep (60mm of foam, 12mm of supporting timber backing), and stands 2m tall with a tapered top edge to minimise instances of climbing. The floor padding measures 100mm deep (100% reconstituted toughened vinyl-covered foam), which provides the optimum amount of stability underfoot whilst protecting users from falls or when releasing their frustration. The vinyl we use is purposely designed for challenging environments, manufactured from the a UK woven nylon substrate base with a coating of the highest quality plasticised PVC polymer to make it both tough and wipe-clean. It has a tear strength to BS 3424:1982 Part 5: Method B standard.

Have a look around this room by dragging your mouse across the image below (Google Chrome recommended), or click here on your mobile to view in VR (VR Goggles required)


Sangfroid includes:

  • Soft Floor Padding (based on 3m x 2m room - 6 square metres)
  • Soft Wall Padding (based on 3m x 2m room - 20 Square metres)
  • Soft Door Padding (700mm x 2m standard: please let us know if your door is different to this)
  • Calming LED Recessed Ceiling Spots (if ceiling allows)
  • Bluetooth Recessed Ceiling Speakers (if ceiling allows)
  • Calming LED Bubble Wall
  • Bubble Wall Emptying Kit
  • Bubble Wall Additive
  • Instruction Manuals